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Traveling with Wine

After a long flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Phoenix, Arizona, I stood at the baggage claim anxious to see how many thousands of dollars of damage I had done to everyone else’s luggage. We had picked up six bottles of local wine in Annecy, France and made the ridiculous gamble of wrapping it up in our clothes and crossing our fingers that it would make it home.

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A Visa to Visit Europe?

A lot of people have been talking about changes to the EU law that will require US citizens to be pre-screened before being allowed to travel to Europe (starting in 2021). Instead of just jumping off the plane and rolling into the country, you’ll have to go online before your trip and apply.

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Trip Planning - Where to Begin

Today, right now, the very moment you’re reading this, the world is more accessible than it has been throughout history. You can see and do more, relative to your economic situation, than anyone in the generations that preceded you.

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