Traveling with Wine

After a long flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Phoenix, Arizona, I stood at the baggage claim anxious to see how many thousands of dollars of damage I had done to everyone else’s luggage. We had picked up six bottles of local wine in Annecy, France and made the ridiculous gamble of wrapping it up in our clothes and crossing our fingers that it would make it home. Somehow, someway, the bottles survived completely intact and we didn’t ruin anyones day by leaking all over their bags. Instead of continuing to put my faith in the wine gods, I’ll going be picking up a couple inflatable wine protectors like the Vinni Bag. Check out what industry insiders do in this article from Vine Pair.

Beyond Bubble Wrap: How Six Industry Insiders Travel With Wine

What's the best way to travel with wine bottles? "Carefully!" laughs Bradley H. Groper, vice president sales, Long Meadow Ranch Wine Estates. Groper is on a plane 50 or more times a year and estimates he's lugged some 20,000 bottles around the globe in his 35 years of traveling with wine.