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I once woke up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was an experience I don’t fully endorse, but it did have an up side. I Googled all the iconic locations from one of my favorite TV series’ Breaking Bad. I parked in front of Walter White’s home and positioned my body to block the No Trespassing sign from the background of my selfie. It was like falling through the TV set into another world and I loved it. Now imagine a place about 6 million times better than ABQ and a show even more engrossing than Breaking Bad. How incredible of a feeling must it be to visit the locations of Game of Thrones.

Parts of Iceland, Ireland, Croatia, Spain, and more, have played host to epic 8 season show. Here’s a list of places to incorporate into your travels if you’re a true GOT fan.

Northern Ireland, County Antrim in particular, is home to many of the most beautiful, and sometimes haunting, backdrops of the series. Head to Dunluce Castle, which you’ll recognize it as the home of the Greyjoys, as a way to interact with the landscape. And if that gives you a bug for castles, lookup Castle Ward (Winterfell), Myra Castle (House Bolton), and Gosford Castle (Riverrun).

Croatia is home to the walled costal city of Dubrovnik. You’ll want to see St. Dominic Street, the Pile Gate, and Fort Bokar, all backdrops for scenes of King’s Landing.

Spain is full of well preserved medieval settings. Girona was used for scenes in both King’s Landing and Bravos. You’ll want to visit the Cathedral of Saint Mary and Sant Pere de Galligants. Ryan and I are headed there this summer, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast and follow along!

People like you and me have created a 15% bump in tourism for set locations. You can read all about the tourism boom on Vox.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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