Time to Re-Think Loyaly?

I consider myself a reasonable, measured, points hunter. I do my best to store up points in loyalty programs that I feel are useful, but I avoid signing up for every new credit card out there and engaging in schemes that might appear to the FBI to be some type of money laundering. So I am, admittedly, not up on every twist and turn in the world of points, but even I have noticed the decreasing benefits of U.S. Airline loyalty programs. So do we just grin and bear it or is there an alternative. Thanks to alliances between airlines (like the Star Alliance and the One World Alliance) you can book your domestic flights through a foreign airline, with a better loyalty program, and end up on the same plane you would have if you would have booked it with a domestic airline. That may be just the thing to spice up your points life. Read more about it in this article from the Detroit News.

U.S. frequent fliers can score better deals with global carriers

Fliers can credit flights on domestic airlines to foreign partners' mileage programs and then redeem miles from those same programs for award flights on U.S. carriers. (Photo: Adrian Dennis / AFP/Getty Images) Are you a Delta loyalist? Fly only American Airlines or United? It's time to switch.

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