Simplify Paris: 4 Restaurants


Our Simplify Paris posts are all about giving you manageable suggestions that are ideally located, moderately priced, and of high quality. Pulling out your cell phone and typing “Restaurant” into the search bar will produce some overwhelming results. We want to help. Here are four restaurants that will make for an awesome Parisian experience, with food you’ll love, and without breaking the bank. Each of these is located in a different neighborhood, so you’ll get a taste of the

Le Relais de L’Entrecôte

This is a restaurant that truly embodies the concept of simplifying. Located in Saint Germain, Steak au poivre is what they serve, so the only decisions you’ll have to make are how you want it cooked and what wine you want to drink with it! Soon after you sit down, a plate of delicious meat in a delectable sauce and a side of fries will arrive in front of you. For a french meal with no guess work, this is the spot.

Metro Stop: San Germain des Prés



A beautiful thing about Paris, about France, about Europe in general, is that there is great Italian food everywhere. One night out every week should be dedicated to eating at an Italian restaurant, regardless of what country you find yourself in. Ozio is home to some amazing personal sized pizzas and an array of yummy pastas. You’ll find gems all over their menu!

Metro Stop: Victor Hugo


La Chalet Savoyard

You don’t need to trek out to the French Alps in order to enjoy their cuisine, it’s available right in the heart of Paris at Les Chalet Savoyard. They have an incredible assortment of tartiflette dishes (potatoes, cheese, and bacon) that will melt your heart right into the fondue pot! If you’re craving cheese, this is the solution.

Metro Stop: Ledru-Rollin


Le Consulat

We’ll admit it, this is a little touristy, but that’s ok (we actually like being tourists). Le Consulat offers a something for everyone, with both local and international dishes to satisfy your cravings. It’s located in a beautiful part of the Montematre neighborhood. You’ll want to walk there and sit outside to take it all in!

Metro Stop: Lamarck-Caulaincourt


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