Zurich, Switzerland

If you’ve wondered all your life whether you should jump off a bridge just because everyone else is doing it, you'll finally find the answer in this episode. We walked all the paths, dodged all the trollies, and hid from all the evil swans. Listen along as we pay homage to the Swiss trinity (Cheese, Chocolate, and Clocks) and explore their largest and most swimmable city in the country!

Things We Mentioned

Swiss Chuchi - Fondue Restaurant

Flussbad Oberer Letten - River Swimming

Seebad Eng - Lake Swimming

Grossmünster - Church

Fraumünster - Church

Predigerkirche - Church

Church of St. Peter - Church

Lindenhofplatz - Park

Park Platzspitz - Park

FIFA Museum

Bahnhofstrasse - Shopping

Zurich Transit Hotel - Layover Hotel

Marriot Zürich

Stephen Reed